Kinderen zijn geweldig, eerlijk en vol onschuld. De stukjes hieronder bewijzen dit maar weer. Ze komen van (een aanrader). Lees mee en laat je raken door de volgende stukjes…


My little 8 year old sister has leukemia. Today I visited her in hospital and she said to me
“Ellie, I know I’m going to die. But I know that I’m going to be coming back as a kitten. So after I’m gone and when a kitten comes to your door. It will be me. I will always love you. Even when I’ll be a cat”.

Before Christmas I went on a mission trip to Harlen, Kentucky.
We put on a Christmas party for the local people. Each family received donated gifts from my school.
When Santa asked the first girl what she wanted for Christmas, she said “Can you make my mommy better?”

After visiting the grave of a 3 year old boy we knew, my little sister (also 3) wanted to go to the shops, where she spent all her Christmas money on toys for him.
Why? Because she wasn’t sure if there were toys in heaven.

A boy at the preschool I work at was badly abused by his mom and is in foster care.
Kids were making Christmas cards for their parents, and he told me he wanted to make one for his mom.
Unsure, I asked what he wanted to say. He said “I want to tell her that I forgive her for all the mean things she did to me.”

I have cancer and I have to wear a mask over my mouth in public.
I was at church the other day when a little boy asked if he could see it. I gave it to him and he went away with it.
When he gave it back I saw he had drawn a smile on it.
His exact words were “now we can still see your pretty smile even if it’s covered!”